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How to and when to refer to us.

For Veterinarians

Your trust is important to us. When you refer your client and their companion to PVDS for dental treatment we want you to know that they will receive excellent care. To help us prepare for your patient’s dental consultation, please submit a patient referral form. We take time to review your patient’s medical history thoroughly.

No dental procedure with Prairie Veterinary Dental Services is treated as routine. We recognize that every patient has unique needs, and oftentimes concurrent health issues. We look forward to working alongside you as part of your patient’s health care team.

Referral Reasons?

You may require a second opinion when deciding on the best treatment for your patient. We would be glad to help.
Some of the most common reasons we see patients on a referral basis are:

Oral Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment

Prompt and accurate diagnosis of oral tumors is critical to getting a patient the treatment they need to manage neoplastic disease. We work closely with oncologists in Calgary and Saskatoon when patients require adjunctive therapy such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Oftentimes, radical resection of the tumor is enough to cure certain neoplastic disease.  Please submit a patient referral.

Jaw Fracture

Fractures of the jaw are painful and debilitating. Appropriate management of the patient and prompt treatment/repair are critical to preventing resultant malocclusions and problems with jaw function. Minimally invasive fracture repair utilizes specialized dental materials to hold the jaw in the correct position while the bone heals. Please submit a patient referral.


When teeth are in the wrong position or the jaw has not formed properly, pain and discomfort can result, and often secondary infections due to abnormal contact between teeth and/or teeth and oral soft tissue. There are several options for patients with malocclusions including interceptive orthodontics (strategic extractions) and/or endodontic therapy. Please submit a patient referral.

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