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It all starts with great oral care

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PVDS is a veterinary dental referral practice operating inside the beautiful Blue Cross Animal Hospital located at 9103 111th Avenue in Edmonton. Heather Lam, DVM and Brie Smith, RVT of PVDS have worked tirelessly to ensure that our practice is well equipped to provide state of the art veterinary dental care to patients in Edmonton, throughout Alberta and beyond.  We see patients on both DVM referral and pet owner self-referral basis.

Prairie Veterinary Dental Services provides prompt diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental disease including periodontal disease, fractured teeth, malocclusions, oral tumors, and oral and maxillofacial trauma including jaw fractures. We are also huge advocates of professional dental cleanings, also referred to as dental prophylaxis. Regular (nightly) tooth brushing at home is essential to the maintenance of good oral health but when dental tartar starts to form and/or gingivitis occurs, a professional cleaning is critical to preventing the progression of periodontal disease.

A thorough health assessment, including examination of the oral cavity, and review of a patient’s medical history is performed prior to scheduling a dental procedure with us. This step provides the information we need to ensure your companion gets the treatment they require in the safest way possible.  Please submit a request for a consultation and we will look forward to meeting you and your companion.

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